We’re here for the go-getters, the want-betters, and the never-settlers. For those, like us, who expect more. Who take their own path, not wait to be led.Those who live to eat, not eat to live. We salute your standards in our pursuit of the perfect handful.

Always Trailblazing

We got off the trail in 2007, saying buh-bye to dusty and boring and hello to ‘I can’t get enough of this in my mouth right now!’ 

Totally Obsessed

We geek out about, well, everything. The right texture, balance, flavor, quality—every detail matters, as much to us as it does to you.

Relentlessly Positive

We have endless enthusiasm for creating wildly satisfying experiences, inspiring excitement, and elevating everyday moments.

Anti-Assembly Attitude

We craft with rigor and passion, defying the norms of mindless trail mixes with our carefully curated and crave-worthy combinations.