WildRoots® is built for your lifestyle. Great tasting and satisfying with ingredients that are better for you.


We start with our roots – simple, quality ingredients like whole grains, seeds and nuts – then kick it up with combinations of crave-able flavors.

Who is WildRoots®?

We believe in real food for real people.

We appreciate that well-being is about mind and body, so we offer a line of products that we believe can satisfy your taste cravings without regret. We use high quality ingredients that you see and taste. All of our products use real fruit, real spices, and are made from whole grains, seeds and nuts.

Who is WildRoots Foods LLC?

Our operating company is WildRoots Foods LLC.

We are fanatical about really good snacks and we design our products with you and your lifestyle in mind. WildRoots Foods currently has two brands: WildRoots® and Buck Wild.

Is WildRoots® Non-GMO?

We believe in creating products that are better for you and one way we accomplish that is by using non-GMO ingredients when possible.

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